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What keeps us warm?

Click on the things that will keep us warm.

Stone floor
Open window
Woolly hat


Yes! A jumper made from wool keeps us nice and warm.

Yes! Socks keep our feet warm and can be made out of materials like cotton and wool.

No! A stone floor is hard and cold to stand on.

No! An open window makes a warm room colder.

Yes! Gloves keep our hands warm in cold weather.

Yes! Carpet is warm and soft to stand on.
Did you know that carpet can be made from sheep's wool?

Yes! A scarf helps to keep us warm. What do you think a scarf is made from?

Yes! A woolly hat keeps our head and ears warm.
Do you know where wool comes from?

No! It is very cold when it snows. Snow is cold and makes our clothes wet.

No! A t-shirt won't keep us very warm on its own.
It is made of thin material and has short sleeves.

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